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Freddie Gibbs Returns and He’s Sharper than Crushed Glass (Audio + Video)
March 12, 2017

After an unpleasant rape case, our favorite gangsta rapper, Freddie Kane, Freddie Corleone is finally free!

He was acquitted and declared innocent, and he’s back, sharper than ever.

Crushed Glass is the first single off his soon-to-come album, You Only Live 2wice, and you can feel the breeze of freedom on it.

He raps like a freedom-fighter back from exile, and he sorta is.

He touches upon the rape charges, his unpleasant time in jail, and his current mind-state and lays all of this over a soulful instrumental in three hard verses laced with motif.

This definitely whets our appetite for the new album (comes March 31).

Favourite Lyrics:

‘Round the world jail system like a slave trade, nigga

Got me in this foreign prison, monkey in a cage, nigga

Bail paid, locked me up for an extra 30 days, nigga

Barely let us use the shower ain’t bathed or shaved nigga

I was sittin’ in a cell missin’ show dates

Commissary late, I’m postin’ pictures with the toothpaste

Barely eat the food, stress’ll make a nigga lose weight

Enter the mental of a nigga that wish he knew his fate

Shit these bitches do to try to get your cash

Erica visit, can’t wipe her tears from behind the glass

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